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Crack Overdose Crack Overdose Treatment, Signs, & Symptoms

The drug can also cause respiratory failure, which means the body doesn’t get the amount of oxygen it needs. Depending on the severity of the overdose, the long-term effects can range from minimal to life-threatening. A minor cocaine overdose may cause lightheadedness, agitation and sweating for 10 to 20 minutes. A severe cocaine overdose can […]

Is Baclofen A Narcotic? Effectiveness of Baclofen Use for Alcohol Withdrawal

Treatment is supportive and can include medications to control seizures and muscle stiffness. In severe withdrawal, your doctor may give a low dose of baclofen. This is because it’s commonly used to treat an existing addiction recovery is possible for everyone to alcohol or other substances. Many people who have a co-occurring mental illness also […]

101 Addiction Recovery Quotes

Our goal is to better understand people’s struggles and the rewards they can achieve through sustained effort and commitment to recovery. One of the alternatives he suggests is using tools like the Brick to reduce screen time without buying a new phone. The Brick combines an app and a physical magnetic key to help users […]

The dopamine system and alcohol dependence PMC

These results are largely in agreement with the literature, though some disparities exist. For example, long-term alcohol self-administration resulted in decreased dopamine uptake rates in the dorsolateral caudate of male cynomolgus macaques [22, 24]. This group also found no difference in the quinpirole-mediated inhibition of dopamine release between alcohol and control male cynomolgus macaques [24]. […]

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