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ECN forex brokers provide direct access to the interbank market, where large financial institutions trade currencies. Instead, they aggregate liquidity from multiple sources and display the best bid and ask prices to their clients. In conclusion, choosing between an ECN account and an STP account depends on individual trading needs and preferences.

All ECN brokers have access to the exact same feed and trade at the precise price that is provided. A certain amount of price history is also readily available, allowing for easier analysis of particular trends within the marketplace. This helps limit price manipulation, as current and past information are readily available to all, making it more difficult to act unscrupulously.

Execution Speed

The most popular trading platform in New Zealand for forex trading is MetaTrader 4 due to its easy-to-use interface, automated trading and fast execution speeds. The Islamic account allows you to trade no commission spreads starting from 1.1 pip for major currency pairs, with ThinkMarkets as your trading platform option. This account type avoids traditional interest-based swap fees to comply with Islamic finance principles. Instead of interest-based charges, ThinkMarkets imposes a flat rate fee, aligning with Sharia law. Market maker brokers like IG offer commission-free spreads, making them a good option for traders looking for a simpler cost structure. Traders also benefit from various risk management tools and industry-leading educational resources.

ecn broker vs stp brokers

The Standard account does not charge commissions, however, the wider spreads – 0.9 pips – may prove off-putting for some traders. Spreads for the Pro account are slightly tighter at 0.6 pips, however, each trade carries a USD $6.00 commission. STP brokers are attractive because they allow trading with micro lots, while ECN brokers usually have only standard lots, although it is not always the case nowadays. STP can have fixed and floating spreads, which is also traditionally considered when choosing a broker by professional traders. With floating spreads, STPs may take the ask price from one source and the bid price from another (plus, of course, a markup).

Can You Trust Forex Brokers In New Zealand?

If you are a high-volume trader, you can also opt for an institutional account with electronic communication network (ECN) execution. Fxview is a trusted global multi-asset brokerage, forming a key part of Finvasia Group, a leading cross-industry conglomerate established in 2009. Beginners should choose a broker that offers a user-friendly platform with a wide range of tools and features. STP brokers are also intermediaries that connect traders with liquidity providers. However, unlike ECN brokers, STP brokers do not provide direct access to the market. This means that the prices are determined by the liquidity providers and not by the broker.

ecn broker vs stp brokers

While ThinkMarkets NZ’s offering is more limited than in overseas jurisdictions where ECN pricing, MT4, and MT5 are available, the brokers swap-free structure is ideal for Islamic traders. The broker’s proprietary platform, Trader Workstation, offers competitive pricing. While experienced traders and MetaTrader fans may find Plus500 too limited for their needs, we think it’s the ideal broker for those new to day trading. TradeMax Global Markets also offers a swap-free version of the Edge account for customers in majority-Muslim countries or who provide evidence of a need. Raw spreads from 0.0 pips and commissions ranging from NZ$6 to NZ$8, depending on the trade volume. IG Markets offers a large and diverse range of products for trading across over 17,000 markets, making it a great option for portfolio diversification.

Benefits of Electronic Communications Networks

An ECN broker, on the other hand, offers direct access to a global network of liquidity providers. This way, traders can still access deep liquidity Complete Record Of Top Crypto Taps and take advantage of real-time pricing and execution. In other words, trades are executed without any interference or manipulation from the broker.

This means that they have no incentive to manipulate prices or trade against their clients. ECN brokers make money by charging a commission on each trade, which is usually lower than the spread markup charged by other types of brokers. If you’re planning to focus on forex and are committed to the popular trading platform, this broker offers a collection of integrations and add-ons that take the MetaTrader trading experience to the next level. With Axi, you have access to ZuluTrade for copy trading and MyFxBook for social trading, as well as several other advanced charting tools and in-depth analysis functions. We recommend CMC Markets for New Zealand traders interested in creating a diversified portfolio with multiple financial instruments. This broker offers retail investors access to up to 330 currency pairs, 9,000 stocks, 1,000 ETFs, 124 commodities and 14 cryptocurrencies for a truly impressive collection of derivatives.

What’s the difference between ECN and STP?

Electronic Communication Networks (ECNs) were invented to aggregate price quotes in forex worldwide and present the best-possible prices to traders. will not be held liable for the loss of money or any damage caused from relying on the information on this site. Trading forex, stocks and commodities on margin carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Before deciding to trade foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience and risk appetite. Such systems were first devised in the early 1990s and were intended for use on the equity trading markets. The entire trading cycle, from the orders’ initiation to their final settlement, is handled automatically without human intervention.

ecn broker vs stp brokers

ECN spreads are often narrower than those used by conventional brokers, but ECN brokers still charge clients a fixed commission per transaction. Instead of a mark-up spread, an ECN broker may charge other fees and add commissions that act as their main source of revenue. You also tend to find that ECN brokers require higher deposits for you to get started trading.

In the vast majority of cases, they will also make sure you get the very best spread shown. If liquidity is unavailable at this level, then the second best will be selected with no mark-up spread to ever consider. is for informational purposes only and not intended for distribution or use by any person where it would be contrary to local law or regulation. We do not provide financial advice, offer or make solicitation of any investments.

Such a model allows traders not to worry about their investments, as the broker does not take any particular interest in the personal finances of its clients. The foreign exchange market, also known as forex, is a decentralized global market where currencies are traded. Forex brokers play a crucial role in facilitating these trades, providing individuals and institutions access to the market. When it comes to choosing a forex broker, there are various types available, including STP (Straight Through Processing) brokers and ECN (Electronic Communication Network) brokers. In this article, we will explore the differences between these two types of brokers and help you decide which one is the right choice for you. They do not have to worry about crucial news releases and unexpected adverse movements in market prices.

Individuals can place orders with straight-through-processing (STP) execution, allowing you to trade directly with liquidity markets. According to, ECN execution clocks in at a blistering 300ms – 25% faster than standard execution. STP brokers typically offer variable spreads, which means that the spreads can widen during volatile market conditions.

Why Forex Brokers Prefer the STP Model?

If you’re a more experienced trader, however, or interested in specialty trading products like crypto, another broker on our list might better fit your needs. In addition to spreads and commissions, you’ll want to have a look at the other fees a broker charges to open or maintain an account. We recommend TMGM for New Zealand traders hoping to control their trading costs with tight spreads. This broker averaged 1.16 pips across the five major currency pairs, coming in eighth out of more than 50 brokers we tested.

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