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We lost my personal virginity to the same man I have been with since I had been 19. I’m now 26 nonetheless very attracted to him, and can’t envision being with others. But i have begun visiting lesbians dating sites and mainly fantasise about females, though I feel guilty. Will it be incorrect to inquire about my partner if I could test out ladies? We don’t want to hurt people, but We desire a discreet but truthful love affair with a lady.

There isn’t any „right“ or „wrong“ here. Just you and your spouse might make a judgment thereon, based what the fidelity contract is actually between you. Hopefully, you have got a relationship in which you are reasonably honest – particularly in such a profoundly crucial case as this. Concealing an individual’s sexual direction are unpleasant and detrimental, but similarly, there may be severe implications whenever one shows needs that weaken somebody’s expectations.

But you have earned to be seen and appreciated for who you undoubtedly are. As opposed to looking for various other women with a view to using an affair, find some strong assistance in the lesbian area. Allow yourself time to explore your opinions and emotions. When you are clearer – just as to what you prefer intimately, but regarding how you’d like to enjoy life along with whom – begin to have those vitally important conversations making use of guy with that you began your own complex, xxx intimate trip.

Pamela Stephenson Connolly is a psychotherapist exactly who specialises for intimate issues

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